If you’re looking for a functional, traditional coarse fishing rod with quality and beauty that’s amongst the best available today, I am sure I can help. Browse some of our most popular coarse rods listed below, including notes that I hope you find useful in aiding your choice of rod.

If you are interested in the cane rod making process or want to chat about specification and finish, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Latest news...

Another new rod for my catalog is the "Crossbar". A client commissioned me to make a short rod that would fit comfortably on the crossbar of his bike. so it had to be less that a yard long. His favorite rod of mine is a Avocet ,with this in mind i set out to make it feel as close as possible ,now with the extra ferrule it was going to be tricky but the resulting rod proved fabulous. I felt it that good i have added it to my catalogue.

Recently I have made a few rods that have required hollowing to a level that I had not done before. Thanks to a few of my clients William, Colin and Phil who have pushed my abilities to produce longer, lighter, crisper, faster action rods that suit the angler who holds his rod while float fishing or touch ledgering.

The new rod is 'The Nottingham Style' its made in two forms the first is a light roach rod which has some fabulous qualities. It is one of the longest built cane rods that you can use comfortably, has a fast progressive action that picks the line up incredibly fast yet feels balanced and well capable of landing those larger specimens while roach fishing.

The second rod is a Chub and Barbel rod. The last few seasons I have been enjoying long trotting for barbel using various cane rods. The biggest issue has been the weight of the rod, I seem to get fatigued when float fishing for any length of time, so this cane rod is hollowed it to give a fast progressive action that's light and balanced. 

Both rods conjure up great Nottingham anglers of the past, William Bailey, J W Martin, The Trent Otter, anglers that were highly successful of The Nottingham Style, I hope they would have approved.


The Crossbar

An all round rod that's as good as it looks, when broken down its only 35 inches long, so ideal for attaching to a bike or in the boot of a car. It has an action not dissimilar to an early Southwell Avocet. Light, steely with a lovely crisp action, it certainly has 'the feel.

Three piece with a separate handle. 10 foot 6 inches


Whopper Stopper

A fantastic strong carp rod which has a much nicer, faster action than the SU MK IV. The name and taper are from Richard Walkers iconic MK III which was his favourite rod for hook and hold tactics. It has a progressive 2lb test curve and would double up well as a pike or salmon rod.

Two-piece, 10 foot


The Nottingham Style - Roach Rod

The Nottingham Style hollow built cane roach rod is long, steely, light yet crisp and beautiful. It has a lovely progressive fast taper and is the ultimate built cane light float rod. Recommended 2lb-4lb lines.

Two-piece, 11 foot 9 inches


The Nottingham Style - Chub & Barbel Rod

Designed for float fishing for chub and barbel, this hollow built cane rod also makes a fabulous touch ledger rod. It has a fast progressive taper and is very light and extremely well balanced so can be used for long periods without feeling fatigued. Recommended 3lb-6lb lines.

Two-piece, 11 foot 3 inches



A new Carp rod for the specialist angler who requires both strength and elegance whether fishing at distance or stalking at close quarters. The Carpathia has a compound taper with a 1 3/4 test curve, it's designed to cope with strong fish and has the backbone to set the hook and steer large carp safely in to the net.

Please check out the Sweetcorn Kid's fishing blog for his adventures with Carpathia no1.

Two-piece, 11 foot.


MKIV Carp and Avon

Design classics from the fishing legend Richard Walker. The MKIV Carp is a big fish rod, quite happy catching barbel as well as carp. The Avon, well it's such a delightful rod and Chris Yates’ old favourite, but how did he managed to catch the Bishop with an Avon rod? Really a rod for tench, wild carp, and chub. I have stuck to Walker’s original tapers for both rods.

Two-piece, 10 foot.

£1200.00 & £1300.00 with intermediate whippings

Richard Walker Forty Four

A copy of Excalibur, the rod Walker used to catch Clarissa, the previous British carp record. The difference to the standard MKIV are all the fittings, ferrules, reel bands, alloy butt, and cork handle. These are all copies in size and shape to the original. It also incorporates an 18” section of whole cane spliced in under the cork handle. The guides are amber lined and are whipped in the same colour scheme using the finest silk available.

Two-piece, 10 foot.


Wallis Wizard

The iconic all-round cane fishing rod, developed by Mr FWK Wallis of Long Eaton. It’s recommended in most british rod making books as being "the most useful rod you could own". These rods are well balanced and have the “feel” most anglers are looking for in a rod, nice and crisp. This model incorporates a compound taper in the tip section. A most magical and satisfying classic rod an angler could wish to own.

Three-piece, 11 foot.


Featherweight Wizard

If your looking for a light cane rod with a crisp easy action this is the rod for you. It has been developed for anglers that need a very light rod that is capable of landing any size of fish, in-fact I have even landed a double figure barbel with mine; being very lucky mind you. The secret of the design is that when playing your fish the rod arches over distributing the load evenly without over stressing the power fibres. Consists of a whole cane butt with split cane middle and top.

Three-piece, 11 foot.



You will no doubt be aware of Bob Southwell who made a lot of blanks for B James, Ogden’s and other makers and retailers. This classic Avocet harks backs to these dark steely cane rods. Finished with fine intermediates. An utterly beautiful rod. I have kept the look of the original rod but have given this version a crisp feel, bringing it up to date for the modern angler. A great rod for tench, chub, and barbel.

Three-piece, 11 foot.


Perfection Roach

A rod for the float fisherman who wants a fast striking action that feels so light in the hand. It is very similar to the much sought-after Hardy’s MKII. One of the most elegant rods you will come across. It's also available in a 3 piece and a stepped up version which is more at home with tench and chub.

Two-piece, 11 foot.



This rod has become a firm favourite of clients. Millwards made the original, a reverse taper under the handle to aid casting and striking. I have kept the original taper as I cannot see any reason to change it. The Craftversa was Bernard Venables (Mr Crabtree) favourite rod. You will see him using one in A Passion for Angling, in the Autumn section when they were fishing for perch.

Two-piece, 11 foot & 3 inches.


Peter Tombleson Float Rod

A fabulous float or light leger rod for medium and large rivers with heavy flows. Made famous by B James. Surprisingly it feels quite light when you consider its 12 foot length. Fast striking beautifully balanced a very versatile rod. Fine intermediate whippings gives it an original stunning look.

Two-piece with separate handle, 12ft.


Avon Perfection

My own design that's become most popular. I am very pleased with this rod, it has a traditional avon action that’s not at all floppy when handled. It has a compound taper that gives a lovely arch when playing fish. Great for float or light leger work, one of my favourite grayling rods.

2 piece 11ft


Festival Avon

This is based on a rare R Sealey's rod, a barbel rod with steep step down tapers. The butt section is large diameter whole cane which gives great stability and confidence when steering your barbel to the net. It has a sensitive tip for good bite indication. Unmistakable whipping pattern with fine intermediates.

3 piece 11ft


Senior Wallis Avon

There has been so much written on other websites and forums about the ultimate 12ft 3pc Barbel rod with a whole cane butt. Well I got commissioned to make one, and it turned out superb. It’s similar to the Festival Avon rod but has that extra reach. Once you have handled it you will be amazed, it feels powerful but sensitive. Ideal for big barbel and large rivers. It would also make a good carp rod.

3 piece 12ft


The Arun

The ultimate split cane fishing rod. Whole cane butt with splitcane middle & tip. A very elegant rod light with a crisp steely action. Based on a early Arun with the middle hollow built if you wish. The intermediate whippings are narrow and get very close towards the tip. A beautiful traditional rod of the very highest quality.

3piece 11ft 3in


Lucky Strike

What a popular rod the Lucky Strike, Allcocks certainly got this one right. It’s light and has that feel, it casts a dream and has a lovely quick strike. Ideal for small to medium sized rivers. Mr Yates used his in A Passion for Angling in the winter section, catching chub on the Kennet. Chris Lythe is a great admirer of this rod as well.

3 piece 10ft 6in


Kennet Perfection

Ted Oliver made an excellent Kennet Perfection which was a very capable barbel rod but with the larger specimens we come across nowadays I thought it would cope better if I beefed it up a tad. The result still has the same feel but has a little more power for today’s barbel. A joy to use with its progressive action.

2 piece with separate handle, 11ft 


Senior Grebe

A rod which is great fun to hook and hold good sized fish, whether its carp, barbel or pike. This rod will give you loads of thrills. A powerful little stalking rod with a through action. It also makes a superb lure rod.

2 piece, 8ft 6in


Marauder Barbel Rod

There are many cane rods for barbel fishing and it can be difficult to choose one to be the best. When I was developing this rod there were a number of characteristics I wanted to incorporate, a sensitive tip for bite indication, a middle section with a good avon action and a stiff butt for good control. Hollow building was also very important in development of this rod. A beautiful modern functional barbel rod.

2 piece with separate handle, 11ft