Please feel free to contact me between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, to place your order or ask questions.

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    There are so many variants available when ordering a rod, so here I will answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.

    • How long will it take before I can take delivery?

      Please contact me to discuss current delivery times.

    • How do I pay?

      I only require £100 deposit (non-returnable) that will put you in the red book. The balance is required before delivery. Please contact me to discuss your order and I will disclose the different methods of payment.

    • Can I have a longer cork handle and with a trumpet flare?

      There is always a standard cork handle length for each rod, you can, of course, alter the length within reason, you may also choose whichever style of cork handle you wish.

    • Will I be able to have the rod personalized?

      Yes, you can have some personal text in Indian ink on the butt section that will make your rod feel extra special.

    • Could I choose different colour silk?

      These are bespoke rods so any colour you fancy, I will be happy to discuss colour combinations.

    • Can I have translucent whippings?

      Yes, you can have completely translucent or semi-translucent in amber, red and bottle green.

    • Will it be possible to have nickel silver ferrules?

      This is an option for most rods, although the larger sizes are some times not available. I make most myself, but there are many very good American nickel silver ferrules available.

    • Could you copy a favorite rod of mine?

      No problem, I often copy the tapers of old favorites.

    • Will my new cane rod be OK to use in the rain?

      Your cane rod will have several coats of waterproof varnish and is therefore sealed against the elements, so there is no reason not to use it in wet conditions. Make sure you have a towel to dry the rod before storing in your rod bag.

    • Can I talk to you about a rod I am thinking about ordering?

      Of course, you can ring me for a chat or email me whichever you feel comfortable with.

    • Any chance of changing my order, I would prefer green silk and an onion handle?

      I don’t mind at all, you can change any part of your order, even the rod, as long as I haven’t already started work building or finishing it!

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