Restoring classic rods from the hay-day of cane rods makes up a very important part of my work, there is nothing more satisfying than to put life back into a sad looking rod where time has clearly taken its toll. Most rods have a personal connection with the owner, or are a recent purchase with the aim of being brought back to life.

Restoring a cane rod is meticulously undertaken, great care is taken when stripping the old finish off to save any of the original labels. I only use the finest materials available and where possible the existing or original guides will be cleaned and re-used, the goal is to make the rod look new, well really with modern materials restored rods are better than new. I sometimes discreetly label restored rods, a tasteful Indian ink inscription to denote the restorer and the year. It is a time consuming job which if done properly is not a quick or cheap process.

Restoring rods gives me an opportunity to handle and feel some classics from the past and often I will receive a real stunning example and make a note of the tapers to aid in further development. Some great examples of rods like the “Arun” or “Peter Tombleson” have passed through my workshop and have been aided developments and ideas in making new rods.

So if you have a cane or bamboo rod that you are attached too and want advice on restoration please contact me, I will offer an honest opinion and cost.

  • B James Richard Walker MKIV Avon

    A classic rod by B James, the instructions for this rod restoration were to keep the rod as original as possible so vintage Elephant ruby silk was used including fine intermediates. The results are very pleasing.

  • R Chapman & Co Peter Stone Ledgerstrike

    These rods are one of Chapmans best designs, obviously with the help of Peter Stone, they are very light and have a really fast action. We decided to whip both rods with the original English wine silk. The Colonel was very pleased.

  • Allcocks Gloria

    A pre-war spanish reed rod you don’t often see. I must say it was a challenge restoring this old beauty and at times Gloria had me cursing, but after a brew things looked better and she turned out well. 11ft 6in in length and so light, a reel gem of a rod.

  • Fred J Taylor Roach

    This cane rod has a fabulous pedigree, it’s used by so many barbel enthusiasts, even Chris Yates enthusiastically used one stalking those Hampshire Avon barbel. We used black frame guides to compliment the black reel bands, whipped in cardinal red silk it came out very well.

  • Hardy Perfection Roach

    Clients are often afraid to restore because they think the rod will lose value, well with this restoration I manage to carefully clean the old varnish around the script and match the original silk. I think this rod sold for £600 after its restoration. A lovely rod to restore.

  • Homers Newton

    13ft spanish reed rod. I bought this rod with the intention of showing of to my cane pals but even before the restoration was finished one of them could not resist it.Whipped in vintage Elephant ruby silk.

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