Chris Lythe Centre Pins

Chris is a true crafstman and perfectionist, his centrepin reels are individually hand crafted in his workshop with no mass production involved on any parts. They are used by anglers around the world.

Nigel ‘Fennel’ Hudson

Nigel is a lifestyle and countryside author best known for his Fennel’s Journal publication and Fennel’s Priory website. Fennel’s writing centres on what he calls ‘The Quiet Fields’ – those quiet corners of the landscape where time moves slowly and nature exists undisturbed.

Andy Batchelor

Andy makes wonderful handmade fishing tackle including mesmerizing floats, beautiful ash frame nets and fabulous catapults. Oh and he’s a great guy!

Stuart Harrison

Also known as ‘The Sweetcorn Kid’, a talented young angler with a traditional fishing blog that just gets better… and he only uses traditional tackle.

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